Remote working and the benefits of coworking spaces

The pandemic has significantly changed the way we work. Working from anywhere in the world has never been more accepted or easy, with the rise of communication platforms built for remote working, flexible working hours and hybrid work models. As part of a remote working model, coworking spaces are being favoured and utilised by more and more organisations than ever before. Read More

If the tech fits, wear it – technology in fashion

Bringing tech into textiles, recently French label Coperni caused a huge stir and viral moment at Paris Fashion Week by spray-painting a dress on famous model Bella Hadid during their runway show. Designers Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer teamed up Fabrican Ltd, the company behind the Spray-on fabric, to deliver a jaw-dropping performance using the innovative wearable technology. But wearable tech is not just limited to spray-on fabric in today's evolving fashion industry. Read More