Navigating quarantine in Hong Kong: what the 0+3 arrangement means for your business

Navigating quarantine in Hong Kong: what the 0+3 arrangement means for your business

After Hong Kong relaxed its compulsory quarantine requirements in late September, inbound travellers no longer need to go through hotel or home quarantine, but only 3 days of medical surveillance, during which they can go to work or school. What does the new 0+3 model mean for your business, as the city finally opens its doors to the world?

Lifting of quarantine requirements: Welcome back to Hong Kong

After 2.5 years of COVID-19, Hong Kong is finally lifting its quarantine requirements and bringing back iconic events like Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tournament, Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Summit and Hong Kong FinTech Week. 

Shortly after the easing of quarantine rules, Hong Kong sees a 31% month-to-month increase in airport passenger traffic, and expects 22,000 participants at the 2 major financial events taking place in early November.

Though how things play out remains to be seen, “Asia’s World City” has not lost its appeal as a unique “gateway to China and China’s gateway to the world” — Hong Kong’s close proximity to China still provides easy access to the Greater Bay Area.

UK asset manager abrdn concurs that Hong Kong will “always be important” to firms hoping to access the China market — via Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s Bond Connect, Stock Connect and its newer cross-border connect schemes.

For other non-financial businesses, China is the world’s second-largest consumer market. Countless of them have now opened a business in Hong Kong, and the lifting of quarantine requirements will only mean it’s easier to set up in the city.

New opportunities abound under the new 0+3 plan

The end of hotel quarantine in Hong Kong also comes at a time when you can save on business startup and office rental costs — as the pandemic calls for a seismic shift in the way we work.

In Hong Kong, remote and hybrid work policies have prompted corporates like DBS Group, BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered, Expedia and British Telecom to move from traditional offices in Central Business Districts to coworking spaces in various accessible locations.

This not only allows you to reduce overhead and enhance flexibility, but also avoid long-term lease commitments. For one, Standard Chartered reportedly saved USD 770,000 monthly by trading eight floors in Central for flexi-working offices for their 6,000+ employees.

As such, if you’re looking to enter into the Hong Kong market or further expand into the vast Chinese market under the new 0+3 plan, renting a coworking office can help you cut your operating costs significantly. This is particularly true of startups and small businesses.

By turning to coworking and hot-desking, you’re also propelling your business into the future of work — most coworking spaces are intelligently designed for you to stay connected, motivated, productive and innovative.

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