Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a tour of a WeWork Building?

Interested in a Dedicated Desk or Private office in one of our locations and want to see more of the building? You can book a tour on
Select the region you want your office in, the number of people you need to accommodate and browse the WeWork buildings available. Once you have found a  building you are interested in, an option to book a tour will appear.

  1. 1. Navigate to
  2. 2. Select the location that best suits you and click Start.
  3. 3. Input the number of people you need to accommodate and click “Find Workspace”.
  4. 4. Browse the search results and select a WeWork building. You can also use the filters towards the top to select your planned move-in date and view the available WeWork buildings using the map on the right.
  5. 5. View the building information and its amenities. Click “Book a tour”.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please visit the “Contact us” page on the WeWork website.



What is the cancellation policy?

It can be as flexible as one full month. For all WeWork Memberships, please consult the cancellation provision and notice requirements of your Membership Agreement.



What is the service retainer?

The service retainer is a one-time fee paid before you move in. It is a security requirement in the event that a company defaults on its payment. Your Service Retainer will remain in place as you continue in your WeWork membership.
Funds are returned to members upon the termination of their agreement 30 days after the move-out date.
The service retainer charge is dependent on the product type. The charge will vary by your request, so please consult with your community manager to confirm your location-specific fee.



What are the different workspace solutions that WeWork offers?

For companies of all sizes, WeWork provides the global scale and flexibility to help your business adapt to uncertainty. You can learn more about our Workspace Solutions below.

If you are looking for a Dedicated Workspace, WeWork offers a variety of options including:

If you are looking for Open Workspace, WeWork provides the following options: 


If you would like to make changes to your membership, please submit a support request and on the WeWork GC app, the Team will assist.



Am I able to transfer to another WeWork location?

If the building of your choice has availability, we are happy to work with you to organize a seamless move.



What type of businesses does WeWork support?

When it comes to the WeWork community, business type knows no bounds. Our members run the gamut from entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups, to artists, small businesses, and even divisions of large corporations. No matter what type of business you have, we are glad to welcome you to our community.


What payment methods do you offer? How can I update or remove payment information?

All WeWork accounts are required to have an active payment method. You need to provide payment information for each WeWork location you have space.
You can select and update your payment method via WeWork GC App.
Payment method options are communicated during the sign-up process and vary by country. They are also viewable at or


Who can update payment information?

Primary Members or Billing Contacts can change and update payment methods.
Some payment methods may take some time to be cleared by banks and may result in late payments and the associated fees. We recommend updates to payment methods in advance of your next payment date.


What are the additional fees for reservation credits, printing, etc.?


  • Conference Room (per 12 credits): $300.00 HKD
  • Black & White Printing (per sheet printed): $0.75 HKD
  • Color Printing (per sheet printed): $3.75HKD
  • Extra Member Fee (Private Offices only; per member per month)*: $1,200.00 HKD
  • Keycard Replacement Fee: $200.00 HKD
  • Key Replacement Fee: $250.00 HKD


What does my monthly invoice include?

WeWork members

Monthly invoices include:

The membership fee for your desk(s) or office(s).

Any discounts, promotions, or purchased credits you have.

Any additional fees as such as extra member fees, keycard replacement fees, IT services, etc.

On-Demand users

On-Demand users are charged on a pay-per-use basis on the day of the meeting room or workspace reservation.


When is my service retainer due? When is my first membership fee due?

Service retainers are due 10 regular business days after the execution of the agreement. We will collect your service retainer between your signing date and your move-in date. Your first membership fee is due on the first of the month. Please note that you must pay both fees before moving into your WeWork space.


How do I change my payment method or update payment information?

1.In WeWork GC App, select “Me”.

2.Click “Account Overview” and “Credit Card”.

3.Add credit card number via clicking “Add Card”.

4.Can add multiple credit cards and update the “default payment method” selection.


Need additional support?

Please see your on-site Community team or submit a support request on the WeWork GC app.



These guidelines are meant to help our Members get the most out of their WeWork experience. We detail the Member Network to help our members feel safe and supported.