Workcations: Mix work abroad and leisure

Workcations: Mix work abroad and leisure

Forget staycations! The future is now workcations! The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our lifestyles including the way we will work and travel now and in the future. 

Tech companies, such as Hong Kong’s travel experts Klook, are offering innovative employment terms to retain and attract the industry’s hottest talent. Not only does the firm offer hybrid work models, but it recently launched an in-house workcation programme, providing its workforce with the opportunity to work abroad from anywhere they choose. 

Workcation with Klook

Klook was founded in 2014 in Hong Kong by three forward-thinking young entrepreneurs out of a passion for discovery. Since then, Klook has become a go-to app for travel and leisure experiences in the APAC region. 

The company’s mission is to reshape travel in a post-COVID world. They are not only doing that for their customers but also for their workforce. After Former LEGO director and head of marketing for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau, Kenny Sham, joined Klook as Hong Kong general manager in April 2022, Klook has rolled out a workcation programme, allowing employees to work and travel in any country for up to 30 days. 

In a statement, Klook said the new programme is aimed at encouraging its staff to explore the world after the pandemic and discover more new experiences. Employees who choose to travel and work abroad at the same time will not have their annual leave deducted.

“Klook hopes to offer more flexibility and freedom to our staff, instead of building a work mode consisting of many constraints. We champion travel and are happy to launch the workcation programme to encourage our staff to explore,” says Sham. “This programme demonstrates Klook’s ethos and enables them to travel again after two years while receiving the same salary.”

Millennials crave new experiences

Klook has learned through its majority millennial customer base that millennials are looking for convenience and diverse experiences. Their young, tech-savvy, and energetic workforce also reflect these sentiments. 

According to Percy Kwan, marketing director of Klook, Hong Kong, the company encourages its employees to travel more so they may get more ideas and exchange them among themselves under the same roof or with their counterparts in other markets. “We hope they will be the ambassadors of the company and tell their stories on the road to audiences during their workcations,” she says. 

Cary Shek, Vice President of People & Culture, adds, “Over the last 2+ years, Klookers have proven that they are able to deliver business results despite not always being physically in the office. We have managed to weather through this pandemic and have come out even stronger. So I trust that Klookers can manage location flexibility well and will appreciate the ability to, say, take a longer trip and reunite with family and friends, for example.”

What’s more, Klook staff will get to book activities subsidised by Klook so they can experience new things in their preferred destination. The subsidies allow employees to test product offerings and activities first-hand and provide valuable feedback. This creates a win-win situation for both staff and the company because, by having these experiences, Klook is better positioned to curate unique experiences for its customers. 

Cultivate a sense of belonging no matter where you are

A Klook, workcation not only gives curious employees a chance to explore the world and bring back fresh perspectives, they’re also able to connect with colleagues overseas if they visit a Klook office in their travel destination. This helps foster collaboration, networking, and a sense of belonging, which is especially important for those who have been engaged in remote hybrid work.

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Companies like Klook are shaping the way we work post-pandemic, with the goal of creating a happier workforce and better products and services. Work, rest, and play are the perfect life balance and thanks to workcations, finding this equilibrium is even more achievable. So where are you workcationing next?

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