Learn with WeWork: LinkedIn exclusive offers

Learn with WeWork: LinkedIn exclusive offers

WeWork offers flexible spaces and solutions to move your business forward with the workplaces of tomorrow. In addition, WeWork also delivers professional learning opportunities to our members with exclusive training forums with our expert team. Wework members can enjoy premium offers, such as free talent acquisition consultations and 20% off LinkedIn’s recruiter platform.

Free 30 minutes consultation on Linkedin Recruitment

Have you considered increasing your company’s competitiveness in attracting and retaining talent in 2022? 

WeWork is offering free live 30-minute consultations to the members on Talent Acquisition. This is a great chance for you to take advantage of and learn more about LinkedIn’s talent predictions for 2022 and talent management strategies for human resources and improve your talent acquisition so you attract the right kind of candidates. 

Learn more today.

Take Talent Acquisition to the next level with 20% off LinkedIn’s Recruitment Package for 6 month

Take your talent management to the next level with access to the LinkedIn Corporate Recruitment platform with three job slots. Use the Recruiter feature to conduct more precise searches on potential candidates in targeted industries and reach out to them proactively with more success. The service includes unlimited access to the LinkedIn network, instant messaging, spotlight search (open to offers candidates, active members, etc.), and targeted job postings that allow you to rotate different job descriptions during the 6-month subscription period. This offer is exclusive to all new WeWork members! Subscribe Today.

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