Eight kinds of spaces your office needs for activity-based working

Eight kinds of spaces your office needs for activity-based working

Activity-Based Working (ABW) is a working style that recognises that employees perform different activities throughout their work day which call for a variety of settings, the right technology and tools, and the right workplace culture to execute these activities effectively. Designing a space using activity-based working concepts means offering a flexible workspace that meets the physical and virtual needs of both individuals and teams.  

Flexible workspaces – eight innovative spatial features for activity-based working

In a post-pandemic world, and with a return to the office on the rise and hybrid work models growing in popularity and practicality, the need for flexible workspace solutions  that can support activity-based working is paramount.

A typical flexible workspace design might include features such as common sitting areas and lounges, conference rooms, quiet focus areas away from common areas, hot desks, private booths and outdoor green spaces. Let’s explore eight innovative flexible workspace features for activity-based working. 

Phone Booths

Cosy phone booths offer an essential quiet place for client calls or focused work. All WeWork flexible workspaces offer phone booths to support those moments when concentration without distraction is required. 

A cafe-style atmosphere with hot desks

Hot desking offices are the perfect solution for activity-based working. All WeWork office locations offer hot desks as well as private and dedicated desks. 

Stepping into the main lounge in WeWork 9 Queen’s Road Centrall feels more like stepping into an ultra-modern New York-style industrial loft than an office. A model template of activity-based working office design, this office boasts concrete, timber and marble architecture, exposed roof piping, long tables with work desks and communal areas, booths and cosy offices for intimate group chats.

Restaurant-style booths

Diner-like booths offer an alternative seating option for working. Instead of an endless email thread, these restaurant-style booths present the perfect opportunity for a brief face-to-face with a colleague. WeWork Two Harbour Square in Kwun Tong offers kitsch oval-shaped booths and WeWork 14 Taikoo Wan Road at Quarry Bay has diner-style booths as well as a games room to energise your creativity and help you decompress from the day’s demands. 

Formal Conference Rooms

Some meetings require a formal setting, such as board-of-directors meetings, committee meetings, team briefings, and interviews.These meeting rooms usually contain a rectangular or oval table setup surrounded by chairs with media displays.

All WeWork workspace locations contain formal conference rooms. WeWork New Street in Tai Ping Shan offers a large and spacious workspace venue that can accommodate up to 400 people at any one time. Expansive ceiling-to-floor windows invite an abundance of natural light and inspiring cityscape views. New Street has both formal and informal modern minimalist-designed conference rooms suitable for all types of meetings.

Informal Conference Rooms

A formal-style boardroom is not necessary for all types of meetings. Brainstorming sessions or meetings with prospective candidates can be better suited to more casual settings where seating and tables within the flexible workspace can be easily configured to optimise the activity. Think comfy settees and occasional chairs, low-level coffee tables, and assorted accessories designed for more effective collaboration and creative meetings. 

As part of WeWork’s interior design manifesto, spacious communal areas are available in all WeWork office locations. These spaces are optimised to encourage discussion and can be easily configured for informal meetings.

Soft Seating

Those looking for a place to take time out when in the middle of a challenging project, or those who feel like they do their best thinking in a living room-style environment, can enjoy the space at WeWork Lee Garden One in Causeway Bay. Soft seating lounges, throw blankets, ottomans, occasional side tables and low-level coffee tables provide comfort and  space to re-energise as part of any good activity-based working model.

Quiet Nooks

At WeWork YF Life Tower in Wai Chai, there are comfy quiet nooks for those seeking some privacy, with or without doors. Quiet nooks are featured throughout all WeWork flexible workspaces as we understand the importance of mixing open collaborative areas with private spaces so you can get the best out of your day and activity-based working.

Outdoor Terraces

Having access to the outdoors refreshes the senses and improves productivity. WeWork Two Harbour Square in KwunTong has an exclusive rooftop terrace and 3,200-square-feet Sky Garden, providing the ideal space for chilling out, socialising, eating lunch or doing a spot of work. You can also find spacious outdoor terraces at WeWork’s New Street or Lee Garden One locations.

Activity-based working is best utilised within flexible workspaces designed to optimise your daily tasks. A mix of seating arrangements, whether for privacy or collaboration, along with a variety of environments and technology, provide the best option for those seeking an office that supports their performance, efficiency and innovation. 

WeWork members can enjoy regular new promotions for all kinds of products and services. Find a coworking space to best suit you, contact us and one of our representatives will connect with you soon.

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